Category Correspondences, interviews

My correspondence with Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez has become an iconic figure in a certain counterculture in the United States. It’s hard to overlook when delving into American myths and urban legends. I began corresponding with Richard Ramirez in the course of the year 2010. Initially, I didn’t expect a response because I knew he received many letters. I received his first letter on April 10, 2010.

My correspondence with Ian Stewart Brady

I began writing to Ian Stewart Brady in 2010. Detained in the Ashworth high-security hospital, I was apprehensive that my correspondence would be immediately prohibited, but that was not the case. More than a month after my first letter, on April 22, I finally received a response from the Moors Murderer.

My correspondence with Francis Heaulme

One of my American correspondents, the Californian serial killer Patrick Wayne Kearney, once provided me with the address of Francis Heaulme. This American, serving a life sentence, had long been in contact with people outside who regularly passed on addresses of other inmates from around the world so he could correspond with them.