Gary Ray Bowles : Letter Excerpt

Excerpt from a letter from serial killer Gary Ray Bowles, dated April 13, 2016. The original syntax has been preserved.

“The food is so nasty, and the stuff we get has been banned in seven states. As you know the U.S. Supreme court rules that Floridas death penalty was unconstitutional, and now they have re-written the laws. The jury vote must now be at least 10 to 2 for death. Before it only had to be 7 to 5 and more. The lawyers are now going to argue that the case that lead to this should be made retroactive. They are going to argue this may 5th. Everyone seems to think this will happen, and if it does I could be stacting all over again. I would go back to court, pick a new jury, and they would vote for life or death. Because I’m a serial killer the state would argue about all of the murders and I will get death again. If that happens I would then appaeal my case for is to 20 more years.

Your birthday present sounds really cool. I’m glad you enjoy it so much, and it sounds like you and your girlfriend are a good match. If you send me a good photo of the two of you together I could draw it for you in pencil. You could surprise her with it as a gift, or just han git on your wall. Just let me know. To answer your question no, I don’t have both parents. My mother mother is still living, but she is old and very sic know. I haven’tt seen her in the 20 years that I’ve been here on the row. She lives in Arizona, and in a place where everyone is over 65 years of age. She just gets by and all of her money goes for rent bills, food, and all of her medical stuff she needs. I don’t get money from her.

She is married to her 7th husband now and he too is also old and sick. I doubt if I will ever see her again. As for my dad he passed away when I was just a baby inside my mom. He was a coalmiser an he died from black living disease. I was raised by a drunk step dad who beat me alot, and then my second step dad was even worse. When I was 13 years old I almost killed him and I left home. I didn’t run away, I just left. My mother never even reported me as missing, and I didn’t see her again till I was 21 years old. I lived on the streets, and I beacame a hustler. Thats another word for male whore. I had sex for money, and I was taken in by a woman who pimped me out to old ladies. I never had my schooling, and everything I learned was on the streets, and in prison. Besides the 20 years here, I did 3 years, then 8 years, and then 5 years. I got time off of those but all together Ive been in prison for well over 30 years of my life.”

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