After more than ten years of existence of the website davidbrocourt.com, I wanted to move on to something else. During these years, I offered free content, firstly sharing my own creations, then articles written, with research and passion, on criminology and deviant themes, as well as original scanned documents related to assassination. . A phenomenon born at the end of the 90s, “murderabilia” is straight from the United States. This word, coined from “memorabilia” and “murder”, designates a flourishing market of collectors who buy via the internet all kinds of objects (photos, videos, letters, personal objects, works of art etc.) which belonged or having any connection to serial killers or known criminals.

Thus, I have made available for free download, for the curious, collectors, students, and researchers, numerous letters from famous criminals, most of them serial killers, but also valuable documents related to their cases. At the same time, I never stopped collecting rare pieces. I also corresponded for more than a decade with many incarcerated criminals, some of them very famous, accumulating a lot of stuff. Negative Production’s approach is therefore part of another approach more focused on the sale of my works, and murderabilia in its original essence, namely the trade in unique objects of their kind linked to criminal history. The revival of curio cabinets, and my passion for them, was another good reason to go in this direction.

Dear visitors, I hope you enjoy browsing https://negativeproduction.com, and that you will find your little or great transgressive happiness.

Kind regards,

David Brocourt / David B. Deckard.