Hadden Irving Clark : Letter and drawing

Hadden Irving Clark : Letter and drawing


1 page of letter recto/verso, with drawing and envelope.

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Hadden Irving Clark, born in 1952, led a life marked by family abuse and mental disorders. His affluent yet dysfunctional family played a role in his tumultuous development. Raised in an environment of violence and alcoholism, Clark experienced both physical and emotional abuse, while his brothers were involved in criminal activities.

From a young age, Clark exhibited sadistic tendencies by torturing animals and bullying other children. Despite receiving culinary training, he faced repeated job terminations due to his mental health issues.

Clark initiated his series of murders in adolescence, with the first documented crime being the 1986 murder of 6-year-old Michelle Dorr, in which he engaged in cannibalism. Subsequently, he killed Laura Houghteling in 1992, attracting police attention. Convicted in 1993 for non-premeditated homicide, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. In 1999, he received another life sentence for the murder of Michelle Dorr.

Clark’s tumultuous life, marked by horrendous criminal acts, ultimately led to a life sentence due to his murderous tendencies and monstrous actions.